Aura Hexa

Main Attractions of Aura Hexa

  • Speed more than 50
  • Economical Production
  • Low Maintenance cost
  • Positive ink pressure system
  • EPSON 6 Colours printhead
  • Higher resolution & Wider Gamut
  • Four print heads giving higher speed
  • Robust Design
  • NeoStampa Rip Software
  • Variable dot
  • True Colours, Sharpest Prints & Consistency
  • 50+ gsm Paper
  • Fast Dry


Print system
Printhead type Micro piezo technology, gold generation printhead
Ink droplet size Variable droplets, 1.5~27pl
Printhead 4X Epson 6 channel gold generation printhead, 180 nozzle per channel, single flow valve, No dampers, Economical much cheaper than other printheads in the market
Number of nozzles 4320 nozzles
Ink colour 6 colour (CMYK + OB (Orange-Blue)
Printing width (cm) 180
Speed (64” width, small Enclosion)
360X720dpi 50 sq. mtr per hour
360X1080dpi 35 sq. mtr per hour
Ink supply & ink
Ink supply type Unique positive ink pressure system for EPSON printheads
Ink tank 5 liter / colour
On-line degassing system Membrena® USA improves the inks runability & breaks the air bubbles in the ink
Ink type Reactive / Disperse / Acid / Pigment
Structure and Function
Under Fabric Heater and Tunnel Dryer IR Dryer
Software & System
Operating system Windows7 64bit (Recommended)
RIP software RIPMaster / Ergosoft / NEOSTAMPA (Recommended)
Voltage AC220-240V 50-60HZ or AC110-120V 50-60HZ
Operating environment Temperature: 15~30 degree centigrade; Humidity : 50~70%

The data here is subject to change without prior notice & is only for reference