Aura Max

Aura Max


Main Attractions of Aura Max

  • Speed more than 80
  • Economical Production
  • Low Maintenance cost
  • Positive ink pressure system
  • EPSON 6 Colours printhead
  • Higher resolution & Wider Gamut
  • Four print heads giving higher speed
  • Robust Design
  • NeoStampa Rip Software
  • Variable dot
  • True Colours, Sharpest Prints & Consistency
  • CTPC System
  • Pallet Printing & Roll to roll
  • Adjustable Height


Print system
Printhead type Micro piezo technology, gold generation printhead
Ink droplet size Variable droplets, 1.5~27pl
Printhead 4X Epson 6 channel gold generation printhead, 300 nozzle per channel, single flow valve, No dampers, High Resolution.
Number of nozzles 9600 nozzles
Ink colour 6 Colors (CMYK+OB+LmLk)
Printing width (cm) 180
Height Adjustment 5cm
Speed (64” width, small Enclosion)
360X1200dpi 70 sq. mtr per hour
360X1800dpi 50 sq. mtr per hour
720X1200dpi 38 sq. mtr per hour
Ink supply & ink
Ink supply type Unique positive ink pressure system for EPSON printheads
Ink tank 5 liter/colour
On-line degassing system 3M Membrena® USA improves the inks runability & breaks the air bubbles in the ink
Ink type Reactive / Disperse / Acid / Pigment
Structure and Function
Roll to roll type Yes and Pallet Printing
Opening Roller Fabric is fed through this roller to ensure correct tension and opening
Pneumatic Feed & Fabric Take-up Ensure even fabric tension
Under Fabric Heater and Tunnel Dryer Quick drying of fabric for higher speed
Low ink warning alarm Yes
Software & System
Operating system Windows7 64bit (Recommended)
RIP software NEOSTAMPA (Recommended)
Voltage AC220-240V 50-60HZ or AC110-120V 50-60HZ
Operating environment Temperature: 15~25 degree centigrade; Humidity : 60~70%

Aura Max 1800

The data here is subject to change without prior notice & is only for reference