Privacy Policy

This statement details the steps we take to protect your personal information when you visit our websites and provide your personal information to us. It describes the personal information that we collect, the purposes for which we use such information, and your choices regarding our use of it. The steps we take to protect your personal information and how you can review and correct your personal information are also covered here. By accessing our websites, you are consenting to the information collection and use practices described in this privacy statement.

AURA DESIGN PVT., LTD. (hereinafter called “AURA DESIGN”) observes the law on personal information, strives to prevent the disclosure, reuse or alteration of personal information and has established the privacy policy as shown below.

1. Protection and Control of Personal Information

AURA DESIGN has developed internal rules and appropriate safety measures, and has strived to continuously review and improve the contents of the rules and measures stated above to protect against the loss, damage, disclosure, alteration and unauthorized access of your personal information.

2. Identification of Utilization Purpose, etc.

  • AURA DESIGN obtains personal information by lawful means and will specify how we intend to use this personal information, or announce on our website how we intend to use it.
  • AURA DESIGN purpose of using personal information is as follows:
  1. To respond to inquiries, complaints or consultation with AURA DESIGN.
  2. To deliver products and goods, send invoices and execute other contractual obligations of AURA DESIGN.
  3. )To send campaign questionnaires or surveys on various services provided by AURA DESIGN.
  4. To provide guidance and support information on the services of AURA DESIGN.
  5. To send various materials and information on the recruitment of AURA DESIGN.
  6. To manage the recruitment, welfare program and personnel of AURA DESIGN.
  • AURA DESIGN will use personal information only within the scope necessary for the achievement of the purpose(s) of use identified above.

3. Provision of Personal Information to Third Party, etc.

  • AURA DESIGN shall not provide the customer’s personal information to any third party except in cases where we have obtained in advance the consent of the customer; provided, however, that an independent contractor may handle all or part of the personal information we have collected to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use set forth above. In this case, AURA DESIGN will ensure that the disclosure of customer’s personal information is limited to the extent necessary, and AURA DESIGN and third party will be bound by an appropriate agreement not to disclose the name of the customer or details of the activity.
  • The customer’s personal information may be provided to a third party in the following cases:
  1. When personal information is required by law.
  2. When personal information is necessary for the protection of life, body or property of people and obtaining the customer’s consent is difficult.
  3. When personal information is especially necessary to improve public health or promote the welfare or well-being of children and obtaining the customer’s consent is difficult.
  4. When it is necessary to cooperate with national agencies, local governments or their consigned parties in the execution of legally-prescribed business, but where obtaining the customer’s consent may hinder execution of the said business.

4. Inquiry, Correction, and Deletion of Personal Information

For questions about your personal information, including review, correction or deletion, please insert your request by clicking the “Opinions, Demands and Complaints” link in the Contact & Support Window on this website. Upon confirmation of your identity, your personal information will be disclosed, corrected or deleted within a reasonable period. In addition, we may delete your personal information if our purpose for using your personal information is achieved and it is deemed to be no longer necessary to retain personal information.