Aura Smart

Aura Smart

Main Features:

  • Print on Light / Dark Garments
  • Production: 80 to 100 T-shirts / hour
  • Fine Printing | Brilliant Colours
  • 2X EPSON 5113 Gold generation printheads
  • White / Glitter, etc done by Screen printing
  • Printing width of the printer is 145 CM
  • Standard Printing Table length is 6 Metres (options available for 9,12,15 or 18 meters)
  • Glass table / pallets & computer to be provided locally by the customer
  • White inks are first printed via screen and then CMYK via digital. White ink used is wet on wet
  • Post-treatment: Heat fixing through tunnel heater / heat curing box


Ideal for Shoes


The data here is subject to change without prior notice & is only for reference